In cities buildings surround people.
Trees grow along the edge of the pavement.
People navigate through.
One walks down the street, passes a building, crosses or follows a stranger for a while.
Most of the time alone, but sometimes in pairs or more together.
They move in the present. By each step forward they move in time – now.
The buildings they pass are present in time – now.

Yet they stand there still for ten, twenty or hundreds of years
conveying the moment of their origin
marked by the years that have gone.
They embody durational time.

A photograph is made of time but is static
a frozen moment in time
fixed on a flat surface.
Showing the now that has been.

The photographer in the street captures a decisive moment,
the fraction of a second that is the significance of the event.
It is a single photograph, which stands alone to express the time passed.
But these photographs never stand alone, they are tied together by the very filmstrip they are made on.
They become diptychs, triptychs and tetraptychs
rendering stillness and movement in series - holding within them durational time.